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  1. 1. Di avere più di 18 anni.

  2. 2. Di accettare la visione di testi e immagini espliciti destinati ad un pubblico adulto.

  3. 3. L'inserimento di materiale pedopornografico comporterà l'immediata segnalazione alle autorità competenti dei dati di accesso al sito al fine di consentire di risalire ai responsabili.

  4. 4. Inserendo l'annuncio su l'utente certifica di poterne disporre con pieno diritto del contenuto; inoltre dichiara che le immagini eventualmente inserite riguardano persone maggiorenni che hanno prestato manifesto consenso alla pubblicazione dell'immagine su

  5. Cliccando sul tasto "ACCETTO", l'utente dichiara di essere maggiorenne e di esonerare i fornitori del servizio, proprietari e creatori di, della responsabilità sul contenuto dell'annuncio e sull'utilizzo fatto della sezione.

Terms and Conditions

Termini e Condizioni

Welcome to In the conditions of use listed, the rules governing the services offered by boxannunci are present  

Important premise:

We ourselves have been and we are still assiduous frequenters and users of the most popular sites of amateur announcements of the net. In drafting the box- announcements regulation we first of all set ourselves to be synthetic and clear. Above all we have tried to draft a regulation that we would like to define as "common sense". In this regard we have avoided as far as possible to include quibbles and absurd rules that go beyond the normal habits of internet users, in compliance with the laws in force and the rights and privacy of others.

We trust in the seriousness of the users who will use and we hope that the same users will help us to monitor the good progress of the site and to avoid any improper use and malfunctions.

Conditions of use of the site 

Boxannunci is a site owned by Arka Consulting Service ltd based in Bespoke Spaces 465c, Hornsey Road, London, United Kingdom  

Boxannunci is strictly against any kind of pedophilia. Images of children will not be allowed on the site. Any use of the service by minors must be authorized by their parents or guardians.

Boxannunci has no responsibility for the quality and safety of the content published on the site by users. Boxannunci will not make any control over the content of the ads themselves.

Boxannunci does not perform any intermediary function and does not receive any mediation.

It is forbidden to publish announcements concerning:

· Sale of endangered animal or plant species. Law n. 874 of 19/12/1975

· Sale of chemical weapons. Law n. 93 of 04/04/1997

· Trade in weapons of any kind. Law n. 773 of 03/31/2003

· Sale of alcoholic beverages Art.689 of the penal code

· Sale of tickets for national lotteries exclusively for the State Monopolies. Ministerial Decree 11/01/1989

· Sale of drugs. Article 686 of the Penal Code

· Sale of fireworks. Royal Decree n. 635 of 06/05/1940

· Food trade. Legislative Decree n.114 of 31/031998

· Marketing of tobacco products. Law n. 907 of 17/07/1942

The user of boxnunci is committed to:

- not to make improper use of personal information of other users, including their email address , without their authorization.

- publish your ad in the most appropriate category, in the city to which the ad refers and, if necessary, at most in two other neighboring cities.

- forward truthful announcements, having regard to the characteristics of the objects for sale, without endangering those who use them.

In the "Meetings" section

it is strictly forbidden to publish advertisements referring to sexual services in exchange for money and obscene images that could offend the modesty of others.

The user declares to assume full responsibility

about texts, photos, phone numbers and anything else included in your ads and on the site of ads boxannunci does not perform any checks on the content of the ads and the users who visit the site. boxannunci cannot in any way be held responsible for any action performed on the site independently by the user. All the texts, photos and announcements inserted cannot be copied, disclosed or published without the authorization of the owner of the ad and of boxnunci

The staff of Boxannunci reserves itself

the right to revoke, deactivate or temporarily or permanently modify the provision of the service, without any prior notice and at its sole discretion.

Users acknowledge that the advertising space dedicated to the publication of the advertisements is made available free of charge. Boxannunci does not guarantee the temporal continuity of the service and cannot be held responsible for any delays, malfunctions or interruptions of the service due to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations.

Boxannunci is a moderated site managed and used by peaceful and reserved users. No one will be allowed to raise the tone of the discussion and to insert vulgar, abusive and contentious announcements.

Also all announcements referring to pyramid schemes and multi level will be immediately censored .


cookies policy 

The Customer has the right to withdraw without penalty and without specifying the reason, within 24 hours before the start of service delivery. The Customer must communicate his intention to withdraw from the contract by e-mail sent to no later than the aforementioned deadline.

The reimbursement in all cases provided for in these general conditions will be made as soon as possible and in any case within 30 (thirty) days from the date on which the relative right arose. The reimbursement will be made with the financial means that Arka Consulting Service ltd deems appropriate.

Cookies policy of this site in compliance with the directive of the Privacy Guarantor.

The Privacy Guarantor has implemented a European directive that requires web page administrators to show visitors a banner that informs them of the cookie policy of the site they are consulting and to make its acceptance conditional on continuing browsing.

In this regard, if you need more information or if you have questions about the privacy policy of this site, please contact us by email at

This page describes the ways in which personal information is received and collected and how it is used by For this purpose, cookies are used, that is, text files to help the user navigate.  


   1) What are cookies?

Cookies are text files that the visited sites send to the user's browser and which are stored before being re-transmitted to the site on the next visit.

   2) What are cookies used for? 

Cookies can be used to monitor sessions, to authenticate a user so that he can access a site without typing each time his name and password and to memorize his preferences.

   3) What are technical cookies?

The so-called technical cookies are used for navigation and to facilitate access and use of the site by the user. Technical cookies are essential for example to access Google or Facebook without having to log in to all sessions. They are also very delicate operations such as home banking or credit card payment or other systems.

   4) Are Analytics cookies technical cookies? 

In other words, cookies that are inserted into the browser and retransmitted by Google Analytics or through the Blogger Statistics service or similar are technical cookies ?. The Guarantor has stated that these cookies can be considered technical only if "used for the purpose of optimizing the site directly by the owner of the site itself, which can collect information in aggregate form on the number of users and how they visit the site. Under these conditions , for analytics cookies the same rules apply, in terms of information and consent, provided for technical cookies. "

   5) What are profiling cookies ?

These cookies are used to track the user's navigation to create profiles on his tastes, preferences, interests and even his research. It will certainly have happened to you to see advertising banners related to a product that you just searched for on the internet. The reason lies precisely in the profiling of your interests and the servers appropriately addressed by cookies have shown you the ads deemed most relevant.

   6) Is the user's consent necessary for the installation of cookies on his terminal?

For the installation of technical cookies no consent is required while profiling cookies can be installed in the user's terminal only after the latter has given consent and after having been informed in a simplified way.

   7) How can webmasters request consent?

The Privacy Guarantor has established that when the user accesses a website, a banner containing a brief information, the request for consent and a link for the more extensive information such as that shown on this page should appear on which what profiling cookies are and how they are used on the site in question. 

   8) How should the banner be made?

The banner must be designed to hide part of the content of the page and to specify that the site uses profiling cookies, including those of third parties. The banner must be able to be eliminated only with an active action by the user as it could be a click.

   9) What indications should the banner contain? 

The banner must contain the brief information, the link to the extended information and the button to give consent to the use of profiling cookies .

   10) How to keep documentation of consent to the use of cookies?

It is permissible to use a technical cookie that takes into account the user's consent so that the user does not have to express his consent again on a subsequent visit to the site.

   11) Can the consent to the use of cookies be obtained only with the banner?

No. You can use other systems as long as the identified system has the same requirements. The use of the banner is not necessary for sites that use only technical cookies.

   12) What should be included in the more extensive information page?

The characteristics of the cookies installed also by third parties must be illustrated. You must also indicate to the user the ways in which to navigate the site without having your preferences traced with the possibility of browsing in incognito and with the cancellation of individual cookies.

   13) Who is required to inform the Guarantor who uses profiling cookies ?

The site owner has this burden. If your site uses only Cokie of profiling third party is not required to inform the Ombudsman but is required to indicate which of these third party cookies and to indicate links to information about.

   14) When will this legislation come into effect?

The Guarantor has given one year to get in order and the deadline is 2 June 2015.


Log files: Like many other websites, this also uses log files, that is, it records the history of operations as they are performed. The information contained within the log files includes IP addresses, browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), date, time, entry and exit page and the number of clicks. All this to analyze trends, administer the site, monitor the user's movement within the site and collect demographic data, IP addresses and other information. This data cannot be traced back to the user's identity in any way and they are technical cookies.


Cookies: uses cookies to store information about visitors' preferences and the pages visited by the user and to personalize the content of the web page based on the type of browser used and the other information that the browser uses. send.  

1) DoubleClick DART cookie: this cookie was introduced by Google five years ago and is used to publish Adsense ads on in order to show the user the most targeted advertising based on their chronology. Users can accept this cookie or disable it in their browser by visiting the Privacy and Terms page. Further information on the types and use Google makes of cookies for advertising purposes can be found on the web page of the types of cookies used. Some Google Adsense advertising partners may also use cookies and Web Beacons to track users.  

2) Cookies Facebook : This site has some plugin of Facebook that can track the behavior of players. For more information, see the page for

Facebook Privacy Policy .

3) Twitter : This social network can process your personal data to allow you a browsing experience enriched with features and services

Twitter Cookie Policy Privacy 

4) Google+ through the script plusone.js will process personal data in accordance with these online guide

Google Cookie Policy Privacy 

5) Pinterest treats personal data according to these guidelines for the moment only in English

Pinterest Cookie Policy Privacy 

6) Blogger and Google Friend Connect use statistics cookies according to these guidelines

Blogger and Friend Connect Cookie Policy

This blog has access to third-party servers or advertising networks that use this technology to send ads in your browser through By tracking your IP address they show the most relevant advertising with your interests. Similar technologies (such as cookies, web bacons and javascript) can be used by third-party advertising networks to measure the effectiveness of their advertising messages and to personalize the content of these messages.  

The site and its administrator have no control over the cookies that are used by third parties, so to learn more about the topic, we recommend consulting the privacy policies of these third parties as well as the options to disable the collection of these information. The administrator of this site cannot therefore control the activities of the advertisers of this blog. It is however possible to disable cookies directly from your browser. The site does not use own profiling cookies but those present are exclusively controlled by third parties such as Google, Facebook or Twitter .    


As said cookies analytics are considered technical if used only for optimization purposes and if the users' IPs are kept anonymous. We inform the user that this site uses the free Google Analytics service We remind you that the data is used only to have the data of the most visited pages, the number of visitors, the aggregate data of visits by operating system, by browser, etc. The Google Analytics IPs have been anonymized These parameters are stored on Google's servers which govern their Privacy according to these guidelines.   

A user can disable Google Analytics while browsing using the additional component available for Chrome Firefox , Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

You can also

delete cookies individually for each domain, 

hide searches.

set Google ad settings.


A navigation without the use of technical and profiling cookies is possible through what is called incognito browsing and which is feasible with all major browsers.

More information on disabling cookies on Firefox , in English.

More information on disabling cookies on Chrome , in English

More information on disabling cookies on Internet Explorer, in English

More information on disabling cookies on Safari, in English

More information on disabling cookies on Opera, in English.